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These babies have all kinds of champions in their bloodlines!  If you have studied the Bordeaux bloodlines you will recognize some of their following relatives.

Kelmi's Females relatives

Tanakajd Szepe Vazul

Univer Van De Paterhoek

Tanakajd Szepe Fibra

Charly Appellation Controlee

Bam-Bam Un de Mes Amis 

White-Bull-Dog Paris

White Bull-Dog Tiberius

PARAGON's Poetic Justice relatives

Paragon's chief Z Orisku

Emberez Obsession

Heimer's Debonnaire

Royalred Tito Emberez

Brandouxs Toezzz 

Brut Van De Paterhoek

                                        Very impressive bloodlines!!


                                    BORDEAUX Info

The Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the oldest French breeds.  In the middle of the 19th century they were used to hunt large animals such as boar and to guard homes and cattle.  The breed narrowly missed extinction during the two world wars but enjoyed a resurgence in the 1960's.  Sometime in the early 1980's, the first Dogue de Bordeaux was imprted to the United States.  This breed is a well-balanced, massive, powerfully-built dog with a very muscular body and a short coat.  The Dogue is somewhat low in stature with a huge head, furrowed by wrinkles, topped with small, pendant ears.  They are known for their balanced temperament and imposing presence.  They are EXTREMELY affectionate and tremendously sweet.  The breed is used today almost exclusively as a family companion and house guardian.  Adult males usually weigh about 110 pounds and the females 100 pounds.

Dad Poe


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